Operating Manuals

The Mechanical & Electrical Operation & Maintenance Manuals are one of the most important trade submissions on a construction project. The information they provide is the most rigoursly assessed at PC and is critical to the efficient running in the operation and maintenance of the building life-cycle.


Many clients engage with dds for the production of M&E Manuals to avoid the common problems of quality, accuracy and missing information at Practical Completion. Our engineers will liaise with the client to understand the project and receive the source drawings, technical submittals, schematics and specifications needed to write the manuals. From this, we author user-friendly system based manuals which are delivered on-time at PC.

As part of our total management role, dds employe industry qualified engineers who have the knowledge and experience to technically author manuals, providing a complete technical guide for all maintenance staff.

Large amounts of time have been spent compiling manuals applicable for the modern building, we pride ourselves in the ease of use and the simple to follow instructions detailing all the operations and maintenance issues needed. We will tailor the manuals to meet the exact specification required for your project, but you can be sure that the full range of information required will be included. We are also able to provide as requested by a large number of clients of late, the Operating & Maintenance Manual electronically which allows all of the manual, manufacturers literature and even the record drawings to be accessed quickly and easily without the need for bulky binders.


All dds (South East) Limited operators are fully conversant with the software they use and all of the facilities that it offers

A UK based firm consisting of multi disciplined engineers providing technical knowhow in all aspects of computer aided design.

If you’d like to discuss this service with us, please contact dds (South East) Limited today. We are also able to provide samples upon request.