3D Coordination

Fully coordinated services drawings are necessary for the fast and smooth running installations required in today’s construction environment. By using our coordinated drawings you can ensure the plant specified and the appropriate pipe or ductwork can be installed within the space available on site, before the ordering or pre-fabrication process starts.

3D Coordination

A UK based firm of engineers and planners specialising in a wide range of commercial, residential and public sector projects.

Our Co-ordination work involves the coordination of the complete set of services contained within a modern building eg. HVAC ventilation, Pipework, Public Health Services and Electrical Containment) with other items making up the complete building structure, and envelope. Where requested our Co-ordination work is undertaken in a 3D environment by creating a 3D model of the installation. This method of coordination offers a large range of advantages to the design team:

  • By using clash detection software we can ensure that there are no clashes present.
  • 3D model walkthroughs can be used for review, discussion and design development.
  • Virtual view points can be created to show the installation from afar, this is useful to show, for example the view of a roof plant area from other buildings, or roadways.
  • Alternative views, sections and detailed areas can be easily and quickly produced.

3D Isometric layouts can be issued to the installer, this allows them to easily understand the way the various systems interact with each other, in the past we have found this to be a major advantage.


Our experience in M&E co-ordination includes plant rooms, prefabricated plant enclosures, Services risers, floor layouts across every sector of the industry from education and commercial to Office developments.

Work carried out by dds are the provision of spatially 3D coordinated building services drawings for construction and engineering projects.

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