Taking on the responsibility of shaping the future of the built environment is no easy task, and one that we at dds treat with the utmost respect…

With the Global destination of sustainable builings and the looming zero carbon requirements, the building services engineer is a vital part of the team needed to build compliant modern buildings.

Our aim is to stand side by side with our clients and provide them with the expertise and the high standard thought process required to produce high performance buildings built with the future and longevity in mind.

dds (South East) ltd was founded in 1989, our work addresses every aspect of the building environment. We are a uniquely diverse range of consultants delivering exteremly high profile projects across the UK, working to meet some of the UK’s greatest challenges from the inital planning stage through to building design.


dds (South East) Limited has been involved in over 5500 projects ranging from small projects with contract values of a few thousand pounds, to major projects valued at over £100 million.

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