Printing & Plotting

Plotting services are provided for all sizes from the smallest A5 prints up to and including A0 format. All plots are available in either mono format or extended up to 256 colours, we are also able to provide plotting on a variety of materials ranging from paper through negatives and also including high quality high gloss transparencies. Scanning of your original hand drawn prints can save yourselves vast amounts of time or money if appropriate, we are able to scan and vectorize all drawing sizes and qualities and return your prints on a disk or CD format ready to be opened and amended by any compatible CAD system.
Price List – Plotting/Printing Services
Plots from AutoCad (Mono):- Paper A0 £5.00, A1 £5.00
Tracing Paper A0 £7.50, A1 £7.50
Plots from AutoCad (Colour):- Paper A0 £7.00, A1 £7.00
Xerox Paper Prints :- AO £1.95 A1 £1.14 Scanning AO £55.00 A1 £45.00 Disks supplied free of charge with the scanning above
A1 £11.50
A2 £ 7.50
A3 £ 6.00
A4 £ 1.75