Operating & Maintenance Manuals

All building of modern construction and of course all refurbishments will have a need for an operating and maintenance manual, one of our major exercises is the production of these. Large amounts of time have been spent compiling manuals applicable for the modern building, we pride ourselves in the ease of use and the simple to follow instructions detailing all the operations and maintenance issues needed. We will tailor the manuals to meet the exact specification required by your job, but you can be sure that the full range of information required will be included, examples as listed below:
Section 1 Introduction to the Manual
Section 2 Details of Project Team Members
Section 3 Definition of Terms and Abbreviations
Section 4 Health & Safety
Section 5 Description of Installation
Section 6 Specialist Services
Section 7 Equipment Schedule
Section 8 Operating Procedures
Section 9 Preventative Maintenance
Section 10 Emergency Measures and First Aid Procedures
Section 11 Fault Finding Schedules
Section 12 Test Certificates and Commissioning Data
Section 13 Record Drawings
Section 14 Manufacturers Directory/Literature
Section 15 Spare Parts We are also able to provide as requested by a large number of clients of late, the Operating & Maintenance Manual burnt on an ‘Adobe’ CD, this allows all of the manual, manufacturers literature and even the record drawing to be accessed quickly and easily without the need for bulky binders.
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